Photography is such an integral part of marketing and promotion - your clients want to see high-quality professional coverage of what you have to offer. Whatever your requirements, don't waste the opportunity highlight your business potential with photographs that compliment every feature and aspect. 

I offer a photography package that is tailor-made for commercial purpose, delivering you with professional, high quality photos that can be used an unlimited number of times for any business purpose, including: brochures, web design, print, advertising and marketing. Additional services such as professional printing, liaising with web designers and creating written content can be discussed too.



Inspired by my own passion for interiors, architecture and design, I will explore what will work best for you and tailor the photography to specifically highlight what you have offer. Whether that's promoting a strong heritage within what you create, building strong imagery that represents what you do, or telling a visual story that can inspire others, each project is special and has it's own creative pattern. 

You may be surprised at just how much detail goes into creating commercial photographs, and intrigued to see how the smallest of fussing can make the most flattering of changes to an image. It's important to consider every angle and viewpoint when creating the best photographs of any property or business, and that's why I invest time and knowledge into understanding the project at hand.  

With competitive prices and an economy package (including comprehensive coverage and full, high-resolution images for you to keep), starting at just £150, do get in touch for a free quote. 


Your Shoot

Generally for photoshoots, I request that you sit back, relax and let me take care of things…however, in the case of commercial photography, there’s a few things you need to know in order to get the best from your session. 

Prior to taking any photos, we will discuss your requirements and talk through different ideas while having a scope around the business/location. We may discuss props or use of lighting to emphasise mood, and during the photoshoot I will experiment with different set-ups. I may suggest moving furniture for a different aspect or decide to incorporate a few props of my own to give desired effect. A simple addition of tidy magazines or refreshments can instantly make a room appear more inviting. Your project may also benefit from having extras in the photos, people to give the setting a 'live' feel. This can all be arranged. 

Make sure you allow plenty of time to prepare for your shoot. In reality, this version of your product is what all your prospective clients will see. Please pay particular attention to how tidy everything looks and make sure those small jobs are completed before the shoot - you'll be rewarded in the long run, I promise! I'm not averse to polishing brass or removing a smudge from a window while photographing, but it saves a lot of time if checked over beforehand. Sometimes the photoshoot may be dependent on weather and this will be taken into account when arranging your shoot.

After the shoot, your photos will be professionally edited and delivered to you as high resolution, top-quality files that can be used an unlimited number of times for any purpose.